DevOps Patterns OnDemand
“The benefits are great: You can deploy new applications and services faster, and reduce errors that arise from inconsistency. Best of all, as the shared patterns evolve and improve, the quality of all services improve.” – 2018 State of DevOps Report

Imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you needed a new database.

You could spend your time delivering new innovations.

DevOps Patterns OnDemand Enables You To:

Get to market faster

One of the reasons HATech is so fast in consulting engagements is that we’re almost never figuring it out for the first time. Or, we’re figuring out 10% of it, but the other 90% looks exactly like the last client’s web server and the last client’s database. With DevOps Patterns OnDemand, you get the same access to the same patterns library – and the same speed advantages. So you can spend your time and effort making that last 10% uniquely yours, and uniquely great.

Scale quickly

Across dozens of consulting engagements, we’ve identified common components used in the vast majority of use cases and created patterns that can be incorporated in similar use cases in the future. This aids in managing the constant refactoring of patterns that can occur as teams get busier. The patterns themselves are instantiable and can be inherited across any product, with the variances for each product being baked into the patterns. When you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, you can scale more quickly.

Improve lifecycle efficiency

An additional by-product of DevOps Patterns OnDemand is a more efficient product release and planning process as your DevOps work becomes identifying new patterns that need to be incorporated rather than building yourself from scratch. With access to our library of patterns you can quickly and easily determine the best practices for common components.

Maybe you don’t have the experts in-house to design or build your own infrastructure patterns. Or maybe you do but their time is best spent innovating. Whatever the case, if you want to make sure you’re building your infrastructure in the most efficient, cost-optimized, performance-optimized, security-optimized way, then HATech’s DevOps Patterns OnDemand is for you.

You get access to a library of training documents and videos, proven DevOps patterns and use cases. The service is free for all clients with a connected cloud account – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or CenturyLink Cloud.

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What's Included

Resources OnDemand

You’ll get exclusive access to the members-only portion of our website where you’ll find a customized knowledgebase, blog articles, training materials, and more.

Patterns OnDemand

In addition to the Patterns OnDemand library, you’ll also have access to documentation for each pattern, including use cases. Patterns are boiled down to their fundamentals and modularly organized into logical groupings – the database patterns are in their own file, as are the web server patterns, etc. We break out each pattern into logical components to allow a mix and match approach to any new builds. That ensures you only deploy the code you need, not more.

Our innovative pricing model

DevOps Patterns OnDemand is free for all clients with a connected cloud account.

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