DevOps SME OnDemand
Leverage our experience and expertise to move fast, and not break things.

Imagine achieving.....


46 times more frequent code deployments


440 times faster lead time from commit to deploy​


96 times faster Mean Time To Recover (MTTR)


5 times lower change failure rate

That’s what top performing DevOps organizations do.

And you can, too

DevOps SME OnDemand Enables You To:

Move faster

Improve the speed of your pipeline. Leverage a DevOps SME OnDemand to help implement CI/CD and automation, which can allow your developers to write a little bit of code and have that code proved and pushed into production as fast as possible. No more waiting for one big yearly release – because by then the market has already moved on. When you can put code into production more often – either releasing new features and functionality to meet customer demand or fixing a bug – you can get, and keep, significant advantage against your competitors.

Ensure availability & performance

Your developers focus on getting new features out the door as quickly as possible, because that’s what your customers are asking for. Your HATech DevOps SME OnDemand can help you ensure that you have built in resiliency so that if your cloud provider has an outage in your region, you don’t lose your entire site (yes, it happens). Your SME OnDemand can also help you ensure that you’re load testing the application to ensure it can withstand spikes in usage and monitoring to ensure a fast user experience.

Ensure best practices

DevOps isn’t new, but many companies are still in very early stages, and best practices are still evolving. What many companies need is a partner who can say “This is how it’s done. This is why it’s done this way.” A DevOps SME OnDemand from HATech is that partner. The same concept applies to technology selection. For any given business issue, there is a range of technologies to address it. A lot of companies get choice paralysis and can really use help sorting through the options, with a level of process rigor that ensures the optimal selection.

Looking for help…

  • implementing a new technology?
  • building a custom DevOps pattern?
  • completing a project on a tight deadline?
  • bridging an expertise gap after losing an employee?
  • integrating a newly acquired business’s infrastructure?

With HATech’s DevOps SME OnDemand, you get access to a dedicated team of DevOps experts – your Integrated Account Team (IAT) – monthly reports and recommendations your IAT can help you implement, a library of training documents and videos, and (for cloud clients) a library of proven DevOps patterns.

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What's Included

  • Business process improvement
  • Organization transformation
  • Cultural transformation
  • Mentoring and training
  • Staff resourcing
  • Technical leadership
  • Technical strategy
  • Cloud strategy
  • Technology proof of concepts (POCs)
  • Test and automation strategy
  • Product management team augmentation
  • CI/CD strategy

DevOps SME OnDemand Toolchain

DevOps SME OnDemand is about helping you move fast and not break things – ultimately, helping you deliver the best user experience at the lowest cost. To make that happen, we have a range of technology partners we leverage, plus deep and wide experience across all public cloud platforms.

At Every Stage of Your DevOps Journey

From getting your product to your customers to gearing up for investment, there are plenty of ways to spend your time.

Focus on what you’re good at.

Your DevOps SME OnDemand team will help you deliver faster, maintain quality, simplify deployments, and reduce development cycle time.

Having solved hundreds of challenges for organizations at the early stages of the DevOps journey, HATech has the experience and depth of knowledge to augment your product goals. Being in the cloud is a must for any tech company – let us do the heavy lifting for you.
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You did it! Hockey-stick growth. Pie-sized market share.

But with success comes new challenges: competitors, investors, shareholders, customers. It becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the agile culture that provided the catalyst for success

Your DevOps SME OnDemand team will help you institutionalize DevOps at scale across your organization.

Culture is the key: empower, trust, transform. Ove 20,000+ hours of engagements, HATech has honed techniques to measure and optimize organizational health and cultural synergy.
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Congrats on your early wins! Getting your MVP out the door is definitely worth celebrating.

Now it’s time to focus on accelerating delivery – and stability and reliability –
to expand and build your reputation.

Your DevOps SME OnDemand team will help you get scalable, repeatable, and sustainable.

Through prioritization, product focus, and CI/CD, your DevOps SME OnDemand team will guide and mentor your internal team. With a focus on Automated Testing and a culture of quality, HATech leads the industry with established toolchains and methods that will empower your organization to go fast and break less.
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Value Realized

Release new features with zero downtime

Single click, self-service development environments

Scale DevOps consistently through model driven deployment

Why HATech

Our depth and width of experience

Your own Integrated Account Team

We're vendor agnostic