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Dynatrace APM – Self Healing in the Real World

Self-Healing, Auto-Remediation: Magic words for most IT Leaders! When starting those kinds of projects teams realize their lack of maturity or even understanding of their current IT landscape to even think about Self-Healing. In other scenarios Self-Healing is misunderstood as a band-aid for “keeping the lights on” in order to buy more time for outstanding product improvements vs investing in the core architecture.

Invited by Andi Grabner and Brian Wilson from Dynatrace to provide insights and share with their listeners some real-world examples of Self-Healing, our dynamic duo took to the airwaves and gladly shared their knowledge & experiences.   Jon Hathaway, CEO of HATech, and Jarvis Mishler, Solutions Architect Team Lead at HATech (@hatechllc), were asked some really great questions to help the listeners learn about how HATech help organizations assess and improve the maturity of their IT Systems & processes, which auto-remediation actions they typically implement and why real self-healing is not just about keeping the lights on!

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