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Jon Hathaway

Jon Hathaway

HATech Academy – Azure 101

Download HATech Academy – Azure 101 Presentation

Watch the training video here: Watch HATech Academy: Azure 101 from hatechdevops on

Everyone knows AWS, now lets learn Azure. In this session, we will compare AWS to Azure and highlight how they are similar and expand on the different use cases for both. Included will be labs that focus on deploying resources within Azure that can be used within a real-world CI/CD pipeline.


By the end of this training you will have completed the following:
  1. Understand the use case, similarities and differences between Azure and AWS
  2. Understand how Virtual Networks and Firewall Rules are used to maintain a secure environment
  3. Deploy a Virtual Machine into a secured Virtual Network
  4. Run a script that will set up a Jenkins server that will be used in the next training session

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