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Jon Hathaway

Jon Hathaway

HATech & Spotinst Partner to Minimize Client Cloud Computing Costs

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 27, 2018 – – At AWS re:Invent HATech announced their latest addition to their partner toolchain, Tel Aviv based Spotinst – a SaaS optimization platform that delivers significant cost reduction while maintaining high availability and performance. This partnership further extends HATech’s ability to keep cloud computing costs to a minimum, freeing up those budgets for much-needed innovation & development.

The 12-Month Challenge

There are a huge number of organizations that have migrated to Cloud Platforms, with the expectation and promise that by using cloud and on-demand services they will experience substantial cost savings.  Imagine looking back 12 months after your migration and NOT seeing those savings. 

After not meeting their 12 month budget, CIO’s are reaching out to HATech in the 13th month to help them manage and meet their cloud budget. SpotInst, coupled with HATech’s re-architecting and containerization best practices, helps organizations realize up to 80% savings on their cloud spend without the requirement for upfront costs and commitments, like Reserved Instances.

The Partnership

Teaming up with Spotinst was a no-brainer.  Their business model and technology complements HATech’s already robust and cost-effective Professional Services offering, with Spotinst zeroing in on EC2 instances. Using predictive algorithms to anticipate interruptions in capacity, and automation to redistribute workloads, Spotinst is already making a remarkable financial difference to clients all over the world.

All in all, this strategic partnership will save clients up to 80% on cloud computing costs, and as a complementary service, all HATech MSP customers can benefit from Spotinst immediately.

About HATech

HATech is an award winning DevOps Business Transformation company, based in Las Vegas and has recently expanded into Phoenix. Cloud agnostic and never married to a specific set of technologies, HATech is highly adaptable and capable of uncovering the widest range of business problems – from employees to business process issues. Being a Proof Of Concept driven company, they demonstrate solutions to their clients continually, allowing them to deliver results 5:1 times faster than their existing teams, resulting in cost savings of around 30% when it comes to both staff overheads and time to market.

About Spotinst

Founded in 2015 and having over 100 employees spread across 4 global locations, Spotinst is a virtual cloud agnostic layer that functions as a multi-cloud enabler. They intelligently facilitate the balance between different infrastructure purchase options and offer a line of smart infrastructure products that bring the public cloud experience to any hardware or facility.

Spotinst helps customers significantly save on their computing costs – from web applications, containers, scientific computing, rendering, financial simulation, Hadoop, Spark, caching tiers and more. For more information please visit

Get in touch with HATech to discuss how you can save up to 80% on your current and future cloud computing costs!


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