Jon Hathaway

Jon Hathaway

Here’s how HATech won the vote and confidence of an online polling guru

Translating a high­-volume online polling app from Heroku to AWS in a month is what we at HATech live for—so much so that we knocked it out in just seven days. Hand­-in-­hand with our client, Wedgies, we built deployment automation and self-­reliance, and developed a DevOps culture.

An original in name and services

Here are three random questions:

  • Who’s leading the race for the treasurer of the sixth grade?
  • What should the name of the next hurricane be?
  • Who are the potential nominees for the next GOP election?

Though these questions aren’t related, they’re all valid, and Wedgies has been used to answer all of them. Wedgies is an online polling and survey platform that allows its users to conduct polls and count votes in real­time. Wedgies polls are pluggable and accessible across multiple channels, from social media to text. They’re simple, user­friendly, and—perhaps contrary to the image their name might first conjure up—completely pain­free.

When things get a little tight...

Wedgies was originally outfitted on a Heroku­-managed PaaS, which was initially sufficient. But the numbers didn’t lie, and as word spread and public opinion grew, Wedgies began to be a little constricted. They needed more infrastructure control to mitigate their pain points and manage their high­-volume events—like a conference at the White House. Most importantly, they wanted to maintain the Wedgies quality they’d come to be known for.

The vote was unanimous.

HATech was introduced to Wedgies as an AWS consulting partner, and we made it clear from the get­-go that this wasn’t just about a successful migration. Our goal was to give Wedgies the training and tools so that after the migration was complete they would be able to confidently look after their AWS environment themselves.

We found our schools of thought mirrored each other: Just as Wedgies embeds their polls seamlessly into websites, texts and applications, HATech embedded ourselves into the Wedgies’ weekly sprints and were given the role of Scrum Master throughout the engagement, driving the planning, migration and testing throughout the project. We also brought agility and expertise to the table by creating automation and Jenkins patterns from our own libraries.

HATech 7 Days Mini Graph

Two minds become one.

We worked with a small team of Wedgies software developers to understand their applications and environment. Our approach was first and foremost educational by providing Wedgies with an understanding of AWS capabilities and the options and tradeoffs of various architectural choices. This allowed their experts to stay in control of the process and make informed decisions based upon their business needs, without any preconceived direction imposed by us.

No need for a recount.

Since Wedgies moved to AWS they haven’t had a single major outage. They credit HATech’s guidance in adopting appropriate AWS­ prescribed architectures as contributing to this success metric—for instance, building across multiple availability zones, and having zero reliance on permanent infrastructure components.

Nothing but pain-free polling ahead

Wedgies are well down the path towards DevOps mastery and plan to make it even easier for developers to deploy the application stack into production, to a more rapid cadence by continuing to evolve their Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment processes.

It isn’t about hand­ holding, but HATech will certainly continue to partner with Wedgies to provide guidance, expertise and managed services in support of their internal resources, staking our reputation and business success on that of our clients.

This is what we always do, because when it comes to DevOps, it’s what makes us the best candidate in the race.

HATech Wedgies Days

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