Who is HATech?
Jon Hathaway

Jon Hathaway

Who is HATech?

Who Is HATech?

It’s hard to put into words an entity or an extension of oneself. The extension of Jon Hathaway, founder and CEO of HATech LLC in Las Vegas, is his start up company that is an AWS Consulting Partner, with specialist AWS certifications in Serverless Cloud Applications and DevOps, specializing in business transformation. So… how does HATech differ from any other DevOps company?
  • A Culture First Mentality
  • Concept Driven
  • Employee Focused

Employee Focus

First and foremost, HATech is successful because of the dynamic of the team. Being employee focused is the foundation of HATech’s success and effortlessly shifts the minds of employees to be conscious of others. Shadowing and mentoring is always happening within HATech walls- this not only means that mistakes are understood and learned from, this means that DevOps is not a tool, person, or team- it’s a mindset.

A Culture First Mentality

Tools and solutions are easy to fix- people are what matter. The HATech office layout is an open-concept. The engineers, business analysts, consultants, support team, marketing team, customer success management, even the CEO is on the floor. This allows an easy flow for communication, questions, opportunities to learn, and a lot more fun. The building blocks of a successful relationship.

Concept Driven

Drive, Demonstrate, and Deliver is the simplest way to describe HATech’s process of success. Driving change begins with HATech’s culture-first mentality. More often than not, there is too much focus on DevOps and not fixing the team, whereas DevOps is an entire company working together. Demonstrating the excellence is the proof of the process. Flexibility and researching various solutions are important. This means, the tools chosen by the HATech team have universal uses over many different business problems. Delivering the results is where the customer maintains that excellence and overtakes the game. HATech is a reliable, well rounded team located in Las Vegas, Nevada, now expanding into Phoenix, Arizona. How HATech can benefit you, is entirely up to you.

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