Infrastructure Monitoring & Cost Containment
Get deeper visibility into the metrics that really matter – the ones that affect user experience. A team of experts on your front lines 24x7x365. And ongoing optimization to ensure your cloud spend returns the ROI you expect.


90% of users say they’ve stopped using an app because of poor performance.

88% of them are unlikely to ever return.

You have the power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Optimization Enables You To:

Tie success to business KPIs

Ensuring that your cloud infrastructure is optimized to deliver the best user experience (at the lowest possible cost) requires monitoring metrics far beyond CPU utilization and the like. It requires monitoring the metrics that matter to the business. Through Infrastructure Monitoring & Optimization, HATech helps you identify those metrics and create a monitoring system to keep them on track.

Identify incipient problems

In the vast majority of cases, downtime is caused by a problem that could have been prevented had it been detected in advance. With Infrastructure Monitoring & Optimization, you and your team of experts at HATech have single pane of glass visibility into the health of all your infrastructure. We’ll notify you immediately when an issue arises, and recommend proactive remediation steps.

Prioritize alert responses

Analysis paralysis is a real thing. When you have ten alarms blaring at once it’s nearly impossible to decide which to address first – and whichever one you choose, it’s probably the wrong one. With Infrastructure Monitoring & Optimization, you and your team of experts at HATech, on standby 24x7x365, will see alerts prioritized with clear action items for the ones that truly require immediate attention.

Monitoring cloud infrastructure is about keeping tabs on metrics like CPU utilization and latency – of course. But what it’s really about is ensuring that you’re delivering users the kind of experience that will keep them coming back.

Designed to follow HATech’s Infrastructure Monitoring & Optimization is an ongoing service that includes monthly and quarterly assessments, 24x7x365 incident response, and optimization recommendations to ensure that your cloud infrastructure is optimized, today and every day, to deliver the best user experience at the lowest cost.

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What's Included


  • Discovery to understand your business goals, budget, challenges, and opportunities
  • Discovery to understand your infrastructure environment
  • Selection and implementation of the monitoring tool(s) best fit to meet your needs
  • Tool configuration to ensure monitored metrics are tied to business KPIs
  • Writing the Incident Management Playbook
  • Incident response (we’re the first line in your monitoring team, owning the incident bridge, alerting, and incident management)

Infrastructure Monitoring & Optimization Toolchain

Infrastructure Monitoring & Optimization is about providing you full visibility into how your infrastructure is impacting your users and your bottom line – and the ability to quickly and easily identify when issues arise before they impact either. We have a range of technology partners we leverage to help us make that happen.

Value Realized

50% reduction in MTTR


4x reduction in MTTD

Why HATech

Ours is a business first approach

We monitor just what matters

We're on call 24x7x365