Jarvis Mishler

Jarvis Mishler

Phoenix Business RadioX

On March 6th, we had the opportunity to share the HATech story with a local team, comprised of Karen Nowicki & Joe Pusz.  Joe was one of the first contacts we met, at a VIP AZ Tech Council event in January 2019.  We are so glad we joined AZTC!  The relationships we are cultivating and nurturing as a result of that event are exciting – we can’t wait to see where Phoenix takes us!

Part of the attraction of opening an office in PHX was the thrill of making new connections and partnerships.  Business RadioX gives you the opportunity to do just that, and share what your company does, at an intimate level.  Having a conversation over coffee, that happens to be recorded is a very relaxing experience, and we’d recommend it to anyone considering this avenue.  

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